Eugene Shestov (photos

Today in Kharkov in the course of the trial the patrol police, which has the status of a witness in the case, said that at the time of the accident Elena Zaitseva had a driver’s license and registration certificate. About it reports the local edition of the media port.

Patrolman Eugene Shestov said that the request to show documents Zaitsev promised to find them in the bag, and then showed them the photo and promised that the documents she brought.

To the question why was not drawn up, the Poles replied that the patrol was loaded up with work.

18 October 2017 about 20:40 in the center of Kharkov there was a large-scale accident: Lexus car, at the wheel which was Zaitseva, ran a red light and crashed into a Volkswagen Touareg, then took off on the sidewalk with pedestrians. Due to the collision, six people were killed and five others were injured.

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