Elena Zelensky

The official Internet representation of the President of Ukraine

Uzhgorod, Ukraine, June 5, 2020

VBaleha / DepositPhotos

The wife of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Elena said that her test for the coronavirus showed a positive result. “An unexpected result, given that I and my family continues to follow the rules – masks, gloves, minimum contacts,” she wrote on his page in Facebook.

The wife of the President said that “feels good” and is treated as an outpatient, however, she “isolated from family members, not to expose them to danger”. Vladimir Zelensky and his children also took the test, they have not found evidence of the disease.

Ukrainian doctors per day revealed 683 new cases of infection with coronavirus, a day earlier recorded the biggest daily number ever – 689. Such data led the Minister of health of Ukraine Maxim Stepanov, quoted by TASS. For all the time of a pandemic, according to him, the number of patients in Ukraine was 29 753 people, including 13 464 recovered and died 870.

The Minister called voiced statics “very sad” and noted that over the past eleven days has dramatically increased the number of hospital admissions of patients with coronavirus. Stepanov also urged citizens not to be taken by the authorities measures to mitigate the quarantine in the country as its total abolition and to comply with precautions.

First case of coronavirus in the Ukraine was discovered on March 3 in Chernivtsi oblast, a week later, the country was introduced quarantine. From 22 may to 22 June decision of the government of Ukraine has adaptive quarantine when the local authorities can make their own decisions about the withdrawal or extension of certain restrictive measures. In the framework of the easing of the quarantine was already running public transport, and from June 5 to resumed domestic air passenger traffic.