The US imposed sanctions against companies linked to “Putin’s cook”

KIEV. July 16. UNN. The United States imposed on Wednesday sanctions against three individuals and five legal entities that are associated with Russian entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin. This is stated in a statement released by the us Treasury, notes UNN.

“Today (Wednesday) the Office of foreign assets control of the U.S. Treasury (OFAC) took additional measures in the framework of efforts aimed at imposing sanctions against the financier Eugene Prigogine, introducing restrictions on organizations located in Sudan, Hong Kong and Thailand, which allowed him to evade us sanctions. Sanctioned directly supported global operations Prigogine and tried to suppress and discredit the protesters, seeking democratic reforms in Sudan,” according to the Ministry.

In the black list includes the citizens of Russia Igor Lavrenkov, Andrew Mandel and Michael Potemkin, the Russian company “M invest”, the Sudanese Meroe Gold Co., and three companies from Hong Kong and Thailand.

“Eugene Prigogine and his network exploit Sudan’s natural resources for personal enrichment and to spread the pernicious influence around the world,” claimed in connection with the introduction of restrictions by the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin.

In a separate written statement of Secretary Michael Pompeo noted that the US “took action to further limit the destabilizing global activity Eugene Prigogine”. According to his version, the restriction was related to “apparent cover-up private military company Wagner in the Sudan (the company) “M invest”, its subsidiaries Meroe Gold, as well as their managers Andrew Mandel and Michael Potapkina”. “Malicious activity Prigogine worldwide is well documented,” notes the chief of American diplomacy. He writes that the Russian businessman “relies on a network of shell companies and intermediaries,” including those in medium in the black list three companies from Hong Kong and Thailand, as well as lavrenkova, which, according to Washington, directed them. “In the period from 2018 to 2019, these companies have facilitated more than 100 transactions in excess of $ 7.5 million, which were directed in the interests of Prigogine”, — said Pompeo.

Reference: inclusion in the black list means freezing assets in the United States and a ban for U.S. citizens or companies to do business with him involved.