Israeli electronic sight SMASH 2000 Plus is used primarily to destroy armored vehicles. At present, specialists of the US army optimized for shooting at flying drones from the regular assault rifles (for example, M4A1).

SMASH 2000 Plus attaches to the top strap of the rifle. The shooter takes first in sight and captures the selected target, then presses and holds the trigger. The shot is made only at the moment when the sight of “convinced” in a perfect targeting.

Unlike the original version from the SMASH 2000 Plus has a new mode for shooting at drones. As reported by the developers of the company Smartshooter, the opportunity to pinpoint guarantee built-in algorithms targeting to monitor and ensure the defeat of the first shot, even a very small drone flying at low speed at ranges up to 120 meters.

Smartshooter Israeli company has teamed up with German company Sig Sauer to create a program of fire control of the next generation. According to the publication Stars and Stripes, SMASH 2000 Plus has already been seen in Syria near the American base At-TANF, where possible attacks from ISIS with the use of drones.

Source — Stars and Stripes