Donald Trump

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The President of the United States Donald trump signed a Memorandum of understanding that allows you to impose visa sanctions against countries that refuse to take or unreasonably delaying the removal of its citizens from the United States during a pandemic coronavirus.

In the document published on the White house website, they say that these countries are creating “unacceptable risks to the health of Americans.” Internal security Minister is empowered to notify Secretary of state about such violations, and the cases when the delay in removal of foreign citizens interferes with the action of the authorities to combat the spread of coronavirus.

On receiving the notification, the Secretary of state must as soon as possible, but no later than a week to make a plan for introduction of visa sanctions and to begin its implementation, said in a Memorandum. Sanctions removed as soon as the country for which they were introduced, will resume the export of their citizens. The document will be valid until the end of 2020, but may be extended.

The Russian foreign Ministry will deal with the “signal” from the US, but I think that now is not the time to impose any new sanctions, said RIA “Novosti” Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. According to him, the international community “sees the negative role of sanctions methods and techniques in the present situation,” since the restriction affected ordinary people, and not on the behavior of governments.

Russia threatens to be in the first list of countries against which may be imposed visa sanctions of the USA. Russian Embassy counted 2.3 million of compatriots wishing to return home from America, but on a long-awaited export a flight from new York to Moscow, designed for the 402 places were allowed no more than 70 people – and then only with a residence permit in Moscow and Moscow region.

The Federal air transport Agency explained a new algorithm: “country of departure – one Russian region or city of arrival”. In addition, flown need to provide a two-week quarantine and Moscow, allegedly, can not take all flown in from other regions. In addition to the desired residence, another precondition for entry into the list is to register on the website but this does not guarantee getting on the flight.

Many travelers in social networks write that no help and have not waited, but they were obliged “to merge onto the website for all the details, to put a million ticks and deprive himself of all rights”, quoted by “Novaya Gazeta”.

A new algorithm compartment from the return of Russians who moved abroad prior to 1 January, including students and people who spend abroad most of the year. Besides, for the return home comes at a price: about 400 euros for long-haul and 200 euros for medium-haul flights are one-way including taxes and charges. This is despite the fact that the government has allocated the Federal air transport Agency 1.5 billion rubles from the reserve Fund specifically for the “reimbursement of costs incurred in the return of Russians to their homeland from countries with unfavorable epidemiological situation”.

Also because of the new algorithm were cancelled some flights, announced prior to its establishment. In the end, the citizens continue to lose, perhaps the last money to buy tickets and still cut off from reliable information – the actions of the Russian state is too unpredictable, says “New”.