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Hospital in Wuhan, January 2020

CCTV Video News Agency / YouTube

Hospital in Wuhan, January 2020

CCTV Video News Agency / YouTube

American officials accused China of concealing the true extent of the outbreak of coronavirus in order to create a stock of medical supplies, and announced that sufficient evidence indicates that COVID-19 began to spread around the world from a lab in Wuhan.

As writes Associated Press, citing intelligence documents, Beijing did not inform the who about the degree of infectiousness of the infection and hid the increase in the import of medical supplies (facial masks, surgical gowns, gloves) and the reduction in their exports.

These new charges followed statements by U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo on the fact that China is guilty of the spread of the virus and should be held accountable, and after President Donald trump that the source of the spread of coronavirus has become a lab of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. On Sunday, Fox News is the US leader confirmed to the Americans that the virus came from China, Chinese authorities made a mistake at an early stage of the fight against the spread of coronavirus and misled the world community trying to hide it. “They’ve made a terrible mistake and didn’t want to admit it,” says trump, korrektirovki terrible forecast of mortality in the United States from the coronavirus. Now, according to him, America will lose “from 75-80 up to 100 thousand people” (last week he said that the epidemic is likely to claim the lives of 60-70 million Americans).

In turn, the Chinese government rejected all accusations, stressing that from the very beginning of the epidemic, took an open and responsible position to inform the world public about the spread of infection. In China also refer to numerous confirmations of international studies and the who that the virus could not be created artificially.

In this regard, the official newspaper of the Communist party of China Renmin Ribao formulated 10 questions that the world is waiting for answers from US.

As writes the edition, it has been more than 100 days from the date of detection of the first case, COVID-19 in the United States. January 20, the number of confirmed cases in the United States exceeded 1 million, this brought the country into world leaders in the number of confirmed cases and deaths.

While the epidemiological situation is complicated by certain American politicians do not lead the fight against the epidemic, and promote the spread of false information and blaming others, says, “people’s daily”.

This position not only allows you to shift the responsibility, on the contrary reveals questionable aspects in the prevention and the fight against the epidemic in the United States that attracts the attention of the world.

The American government must answer 10 questions, to provide explanations of the world, said a Chinese newspaper, listing all these issues.

1. Why the US did not provide updated information on the resumed last year of the experiment on modification of the avian influenza virus?

In February 2019, on the website of the American magazine Science reported that the U.S. government “quietly” approved the experiment on modification of the avian influenza virus. The study aimed at the transformation of the H5N1 virus to a greater ability to infect mammals, was controversial and was considered extremely dangerous. Some experts believe that the modification may increase the risk of transmitting the virus from person to person. The question is why the US government decided to resume the experiment after four years after it stopped and why there are no updates regarding this experiment.

2. Medical Institute of infectious diseases U.S. army was previously closed. Why?

According to the website The Global Biodefence, Medical Institute of infectious diseases U.S. army, the main Institute of the U.S. army and biological research center with headquarters at Fort Detrick, Maryland, has resumed. In July 2019, the institution was ordered to stop the investigation of biological agents and toxins. In March on the website of the White House appeared petition with a demand to clarify the issue of the closure of the Institute. After the case has become a major social problem, what is the response of the US government?

3. In 2019, the Ministry of health and social services has developed a script that was similar to the flash COVID-19. Is it a coincidence?

In March, the newspaper The New York Times quoted the report received from the U.S. government, which States that from January to August 2019, the Ministry of health and social services, the US used the script called “Crimson tempest” simulating fictional flash with a group of tourists who visited China. They contracted the virus and flew to different countries, including the United States. In October of 2019, several U.S. organizations conducted an exercise on pandemic high-level under the name of the Event 201. During the exercise, was presented with a scenario in which a fictional virus CAPS, causing more severe symptoms than SARS, and is transmitted through the respiratory tract, like the flu, caused a pandemic. As in the case of COVID-19, there is no vaccine against the CAPS.

Is it a coincidence that the fictional virus similar to COVID-19? Another question: why in the early stages of an outbreak of the coronavirus in the United States have not been sufficiently effective preventive measures, if the United States have predicted such a pandemic?

4. U.S. intelligence warned about coronavirus crisis in November 2019. Why the warnings were ignored?

According to ABC, at the end of 2019, intelligence officials warned the US defense intelligence Agency, the Pentagon and the White house about what an infectious disease is spreading in the Chinese city of Wuhan. In November 2019 the national center for medical intelligence (NCMI) has published a report with a detailed description of the pandemic coronavirus, which was later identified as COVID-19. Some analysts believed that the outbreak in Wuhan could escalate into a catastrophic event. According to the newspaper the Washington Post for more than two months, from January to February, the US President Donald trump received intensive prevention of coronavirus from U.S. intelligence. Why the US government declared “state of emergency” in the country until March 13?

5. Among the registered deaths from influenza, can the US clarify how many are actually infected COVID-19?

21 Feb Japanese television Asahi Television reported that about 14 thousand people who reportedly died from the flu, could be infected with a coronavirus. Soon, these messages have become one of the most discussed topics. In late February, the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the USA published a report which shows that this winter has been recorded at least 32 million cases of the flu. On 11 March, the Director of the Center for control and prevention of diseases of the USA Robert Redfield acknowledged that some people in the USA who was thought to have died from the flu, could be infected with a coronavirus.

Among the registered deaths from influenza in the US how many people were infected COVID-19? Covered if the U.S. government is the spread of the coronavirus flu? When the U.S. government will publish samples of the flu virus and its genetic sequence, or when they allow experts from the who or the UN to carry out sampling and analysis of the virus?

6. When a new type of coronavirus has appeared in the United States?

In a report published in late April by the U.S. health authorities, it is expected that 57-year-old woman from the County of Santa Clara in California died from COVID-19 February 6, 20 days before the date when the United States announced the first death caused by a coronavirus. The Los Angeles Times quoted an employee of the Department for health County of Santa Clara Sara Cody: “We assume that each of them represents a transfer within society, at the beginning of February in our community was a significant prevalence of the virus”.

County Executive Director Jeffrey Smith said that this is evidence of the circulation of the coronavirus in the state of California in January and even earlier. Governor of California Gavin Newsom has ordered all districts of the state to consider autopsy of suspected cases of death from the coronavirus since December of 2019.

When the United States appeared the first case of coronavirus? If the transmission of coronavirus in American society before it was reported?

7. As the United States was able so quickly to the strains of the virus to begin testing the vaccine COVID-19?

March 16, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal reported that the first test on humans of an experimental vaccine Moderna Inc. against COVID-19 has already begun. Experts immediately raised the question of speed development of a vaccine, stating that it would be impossible to develop a vaccine, if the United States have not received the virus strains at an early stage. In this regard, the question arises of when and how the United States got a virus strains? How they so quickly were able to start the development of a vaccine?

8. Why the US government does not consider the pandemic threat, and U.S. officials continue to sell shares at reduced prices?

According to The Washington Post, Chairman of the Senate Committee on intelligence Richard Burr and his wife sold the shares for $ 1.7 million a week before the fall of the stock market. Why these officials acted quickly, in a time when the government did not attach importance to the pandemic? Why vital information is kept confidential to the public, and officials took advantage of insider trading?

9. Why are American experts are not allowed to publicly discuss COVID-19?

According to the newspaper The New York Times, the White house began to tighten control over all reports of coronavirus from officials in health on 27 Feb after Vice-President Mike Pence led the work on the prevention of the epidemic and combat it. Some scientists and government officials, including leading American immunologist and infectious diseases Fauci, Antonio, was asked to make statements or speak at events related COVID-19, only after consultation with the office of the Vice President of the United States.

Why is the US, who claim freedom of speech, do not allow experts and scientists to discuss a new type of coronavirus in public? Does the US want to hide anything? Or are they afraid of something?

10. What research conducted in foreign biological laboratories of the United States? Why is the US silent about this?

According to the Russian Agency Sputnik, Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Natalia Poklonskaya proposed to test the legitimacy of the American biological laboratories around the world. Not so long ago the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry expressed concern about the establishment of biological laboratories in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Russian expert in the field of foreign policy and national defence Grigory Trofimchuk said that such biological laboratories has never been revealed to the world, they also created a number of problems, including outbreaks of dangerous infectious diseases, such as measles in the section of the lab.

Some of the research carried out within these laboratories? Why is the US silent on the function, use and safety of these biological laboratories?

Recall that in the United States has repeatedly raised the issue of the inefficiency of the measures taken by President Donald trump to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on the United States.

The white house has already started planning a line of defense against possible investigations by the Congress about whether the administration is ready to trump the pandemic. The democratic party of the USA interested in whether the administration is able to reduce the scale of the disaster.

Earlier it was reported that U.S. intelligence had reported an outbreak of infection in Wuhan, China in November 2019. In a classified report, which was prepared by the national center for medical intelligence (National Center for Medical Intelligence NCMI), said that this infection has changed the way people live and impact on business activity. The report noted that the outbreak could lead to disastrous consequences. However, the White house on these data did not respond.