In its latest annual report Management Verhovnogo United Nations high Commissioner for refugees, the UN finally admitted that climate change was the factor which forces people to leave their native land.

The report literally says that “the mutual influence of climate, conflict, famine, poverty and persecution creates the emergency situation growing more and more complexity.”

Although this clarification of the position regarding climate change is mostly symbolic, is an important step towards the recognition of the danger that they carry. First, the UN has said that rapid climate change will increase global migration. But the latest report clearly indicates that new forced migrants – this is “climate refugees”. In particular, they will not be able to return to their homes later, unlike those who are hiding from a long political or religious persecution.

Unfortunately, the appearance of the term “climate refugees” in the official report does not help them. For example, the official legal definition of a refugee while in no way mentions the influence of climate.

“Given the current political disposition, prevailing in the US and the Eurozone, I don’t think the definition of a refugee is now possible to change the formal procedure, says a political scientist from the University of Texas Idian Salehian. But I think the UN recognizes the fact that these are the conditions that force people to flee, and who [world government] would be forced to react – at least in practice.”
Source — Earther