KIEV. April 19. UNN. Ukrainian airline “Khors” financed the development of aircraft – gyrocopter for the needs of the Armed forces of Ukraine, the correspondent of UNN.

Ukrainian team of developers explored the possibilities of a gyrocopter and upgraded it to the Mat.

Now is the stage of state tests to receive a certificate for the production of these devices.

“Until the end of July we will complete conducting of departmental tests with the purpose of adopting or of admission to the operation of these devices. Then these fighting machines will be used in air assault troops with the purpose of delivering material and technical means, delivery personnel, evacuating the wounded and in the future, we assume it as a means of fire defeat,” – said the Deputy commander of the airborne assault forces of the armed forces Yuri Galushkin.

Training on gyrocopter. Four soldiers, two of assault and two of ground troops already have international certificates, which allows them to work pilots.

According to Yuri Galushkin, the end of the year it is planned the formation of air units in air assault troops, which will perform tasks on gyrocopter.

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On battalion tactical exercises were also conducted demonstration activities for exploration and evacuation of the wounded, which were attended by the leadership of the APU and the state leadership headed by the President of Ukraine.

Gyrocopter is an aircraft that rises up due to the oncoming air, which rotates the screw. Therefore, gyrocopter the safest transport aircraft in case of engine failure, it lands at the expense of the screw, which spins the air. The second screw at the rear of the apparatus to propel it forward.

Thanks to its simple design makes it very maneuverable and functional. Gyrocopter up to 5000 m, and speed dials of up to 200 km/h. the Machine is quite economical, has a flight distance on a single refueling of 350 km and lifts 350 kg of cargo.

Feature of a gyrocopter in that it can rise in the air from the runway and from unprepared land. To land the machine can almost vertically, also on an unprepared site within a radius of 50 meters.

It should be noted that the device can approach close to the enemy undetected, it can be heard at a distance of only 350 metres and the ability of low flying disguises it among the trees on the horizon.