The U.S. will spend $ 6 billion on the improvement of tanks M1 Abrams

Tank M1 Abrams

KIEV. March 21. UNN. The US administration intends to invest $ 6 billion in upgrading M1 Abrams tanks for three years. This was stated on Wednesday, President Donald trump during a speech to workers in Ohio, which was broadcast on the White house website, reports UNN.

“Over the next three years we are investing more than $ 6 billion in the improvement and modification of tanks M1 Abrams — said the American leader.“This is almost two times more than the previous administration (Obama) has invested over eight years,” he said.

As reported by UNN, in the budget request for fiscal year 2020, the White house sent to Congress last week, proposed to increase defense spending by 5% — to $ 750 billion. The budget request of the Pentagon for the next year envisages, in particular, the allocation of $ 200 million in military assistance to Ukraine, $ 14 billion is proposed to spend on nuclear weapons, another 13.6 billion dollars on missile defense.

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