This has already happened that this year the international and the European Boxing Federation somehow is not included in the calendar of its two most important competitions of the forum world Championships and the continent.

Yes, there will be many tournaments of the highest category, where masters of leather gloves have the ability to test your intermediate level of training to the test following the pre-Olympic season. And main from them – the world Cup 2019 in Sochi, where they will be issued the first permits for the Games in 2020 in Tokyo.

And our national Boxing Federation decided to this end to organize in Kharkov in the arena of the Palace of sports “Lokomotiv”, very successfully spent in last year’s European championship, an unusual team tournament “wall on a wall”.

And invited to participate in a bright sports festival teams such leading world countries as Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as well as Turkmenistan. About the power of Uzbek boxers eloquent testimony to the fact that at the Olympics in Rio in 2016, they won most of all medals – 7 (3 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals) and the last world Cup-2017 – 6 (1+3+2). And the people of Kazakhstan on these two global forums became the owners respectively of 4 awards (1+2+1) and 6-(1+2+3).

Ukraine coach Dmytro Sosnovsky and his assistants put on the Kharkov ring the two teams. The first of these were the same ten boxers who competed here in the European championship 2017. While the second team consisted of guys who compete with our leaders.

After a seven-month break from performances in the ring, his extraordinary skill demonstrated once again recognized the best boxer of the last world and continental Championships, their gold medalist from Poltava Alexander Khizhnyak. He now had two fights and in both its advantage in the class over opponents did not cause the slightest doubt about all the arbitrators. Also convincing victories marked their performances European Champions-2017 Viktor Vykhryst of Kremenchuk, and Kharkov Yuri Shestak. Silver medalist of the continent Odessa Mykola butsenko won two games, and the bronze Dmitry zamotaev from Energodar, in Kiev, Yevgeny Barabanov – all three. Moreover, none of the aforementioned sextet of winners of the Old world did not know in the Kharkov failure.

Hmelnitchiny Mher Hovhannisyan won two out of three, Lviv Nazar Kurochkin – one of the two Odessa Valery Kharlamov and Kharkov Ramadan Muslim in one of three (the latter was still a draw). In General, the winner of the tournament the national team of Ukraine-1 took precedence over all teams competing. Her boxers 19 victories, suffered 4 defeats and one fight was declared a draw.

In the second team, scored the same number of points with Kazakhstan, but finished in third position, especially Kharkov Yaroslav Harris (won all of his three fights) and Alexander Malenik from Kherson (both). Evgeny Ovsyannikov from Uman had one, but winning the match. Twice in three meetings successful brovarchanin Yaroslav Samofalov, times (plus two draws), his countryman Igor Sapinski. Victory and a draw recorded on your account is another representative of Kyiv Andrey Terahara and let Dnipro right back Igor Shevadzutsky.

Dmytro SOSNOVSKY, head coach of Ukraine:

– I am very grateful to our national Boxing Federation for hosting this meeting of teams in four countries. After all, in a year when no world and European Championships, every performance at such a high level and with very strong opponents for us has huge value, is a test for practice of those skills that at the moment have been acquired during training. It is very important and what we saw, what we will have to work in the future. In this regard, a great benefit we had not only the Kharkov tournament, but the fact that he held a joint gathering with the teams leading Boxing countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, sparring with them. And in principle I am happy with the level of physical condition and technical skill demonstrated by our leaders at the beginning of the preparations for licensing the world Cup-2019.

Now after a short break we will hold a two-week camp at the Olympic base in Koncha-Zaspa. Then use the invitation of Federation of Boxing of Georgia and fly out to there on the next stage of training. The guys get to practice together with local athletes, get some mountain air. And then to Tbilisi will take part in the international tournament of the highest category for the prizes of David Kvachadze.

Vladimir KAZIMIROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine

KHARKOV. International match meeting of teams of the four countries. 1 day. UKRAINE 2 – Kazakhstan-2 – 6,5:2,5. Up to 49 kg. OVSYANNIKOV – Yerzhan – 3:2. Up to 52 kg. SAPINSKI – Isakulov draw. Up to 56 kg. VETOSHKIN – Kalzhanov – 2:3. Up to 60 kg. MELNYK – Toltaev – 5:0. Up to 64 kg. HARRIS – Bekbergenov – 3:2. Up to 69 kg. SAMOFALOV – Embergenov – 5:0. Up to 81 kg. MIKHAILOV – Nurmagambet – 5:0. Up to 91 kg. PINCHUK – Kattabekov – 1:4. Over 91 kg. SHEVADZUTSKY – Aureole – 5:0.

UKRAINE-1 – Turkmenistan – 9:1. Up to 49 kg. KOROTKIN – Melee – 5:0. Up to 52 kg. ZAMOTAEV – Gamenow – 5:0. Up to 56 kg. BUTSENKO – Meredov – ABD R3. Up to 60 kg. SESTAK – Imanguliev – 3:2. Up to 64 kg. HOVHANNISYAN – Berdibaev – 5:0. Up to 69 kg. DRUMS – Tadjimov – 5:0. Up to 75 kg. KHIZHNYAK – Passweb – 5:0. Up to 81 kg. KHARLAMOV – Nuradiev – 3:2. Up to 91 kg. MUSLIMOV – Achilov – 2:3. Over 91 kg. VYKHRYST – Tochiev – ABD R2.

Kazakhstan-1 Uzbekistan – 7,5:2,5.

2nd day. Kazakhstan 1 – UKRAINE 2 – 4,5: 3,5. Up to 52 kg. Benesov – SAPINSKI draw. Up to 56 kg. Yeraliyev – VETOSHKIN – 3:2. Up to 60 kg. Abdrakhmanov – MELENIK – 1:4. Up to 64 kg. Ibragimov – HOVHANNISYAN – 0:5. Up to 69 kg. A. Zhusupov SAMOFALOV – 3:2. Up to 75 kg. Alzhanov – THEREHERE draw. Up to 81 kg. Nurdaulet – MIKHAILOV – 3:2. Over 91 kg. Kunakbaev – SHEVADZUTSKY draw.

UKRAINE-1 – Uzbekistan – 7:2. Up to 49 kg. KOROTKIN – Mirzaakhmedov – 2:3. Up to 52 kg. ZAMOTAEV – Satibekov – 5:0. Up to 56 kg. BUTSENKO – Murzahalilov – 5:0. Up to 64 kg. HARRIS – Talibov – 5:0. Up to 69 kg. DRUMS Jafarov – 5:0. Up to 75 kg. KHIZHNYAK – Kosimov – 5:0. Up to 81 kg. KHARLAMOV – Mardonov – 0:5. Up to 91 kg. MUSLIMOV – Abdullaev – WO. Over 91 kg. VYKHRYST – Tohirov – 5:0.

Kazakhstan-2 – Turkmenistan – 6:2.

3rd day. UKRAINE-2 – Uzbekistan – 3,5:1,5. Up to 52 kg. SAPINSKI – Abdumuradov – 5:0. Up to 64 kg. HOVHANNISYAN – Talibov – 2:3. Up to 69 kg. SAMOFALOV – Jafarov – 4:1. Up to 75 kg. TERAHARA – Kosimov – 4:1. Up to 81 kg. MIKHAILOV – Mardonov draw.

UKRAINE-1 – Kazakhstan-1 – 3,5:1,5. Up to 52 kg. ZAMOTAEV – Benesov – 4:1. Up to 64 kg. HARRIS – Bekbergenov – 3:2. Up to 69 kg. DRUMS – A. Zhusupov – 3:2. Up to 81 kg. KHARLAMOV – Nurdaulet – DSQ (disqualification Kharlamov). Up to 91 kg. MUSLIMOV – Leviticus – draw.

Summary: UKRAINE-1 – 19.5 points, Kazakhstan-1, UKRAINE-2 – 13,5, Kazakhstan-2 – 8,5, Uzbekistan 6 Turkmenistan – 3.