The Royal Navy of Australia exploring the possibility of using the technology of “cold spray” to repair their six attack submarines of the Collins class. If successful, the crews of the submarines will be able to repair individual parts and even the hull coating, while at sea.

The technology cold spraying consists of the following: a jet of gas containing the metal particles at supersonic speed clears damaged surface layers and at the same time does it metal particles.

This technology on a submarine has a number of significant advantages over welding, especially in terms of security: when using it will never have a fire, and persons engaged in renovation, will not get burned. Moreover, conventional welding damage the external steel surfaces submarines that may adversely affect its durability.

One of the main advantages of cold spraying – the possibility of carrying out repairs during the voyage. According to Naval Today, the Australian government has allocated funds for the development of portable equipment spraying specially for submarines.

Source — Naval Today