The streets of Odessa returned to the Soviet the names of

The city re-emerged the 25-th Chapayev division, Gaidar, the prospectus of Marshal Zhukov


Wednesday, April 26, Odessa city Council during the session approved the name 1531 of the place names (streets, alleys, avenues) in Russian and Ukrainian languages, returning the name part of the streets.

As reports Interfax-Ukrainethat the decision was supported by 46 deputies.

Under this decision, the MPs has implemented the decision of the historical-toponymic Commission of the city Council about changing the names of the parts of the streets that the decision renamed the former head of the Odessa regional administration of Saakashvili in may 2016.

In particular, Odessa returned to the streets of the 25th Chapayev division street and lane grandma, the street Gaidar, Belinsky, Badaeva, Tereshkova, the prospectus of Marshal Zhukov, etc.

However, Karl Liebknecht was the street of the Heavenly hundred, and lane Liebknecht – alley of Heroes of Kruty, nine Chapaevsky lane – Starokozache alleys, etc.

We will remind, the Kiev national Museum of Russian art returned to its former name.