Partner news “Diesel Show” celebrated two years sold out and new traditions

“Diesels,” gathered 8,000 spectators at the National Palace of arts “Ukraine” and showed a new program called “Spring fun.” The TV version shows “Diesel Show” see it on ICTV channel on may 5, Fridays, at 21:20


“UkrAvtoDor” and large “POPs”

In the National Palace of arts “Ukraine” in Kiev introduced a new program of “Diesel Show”. A fun show for the whole family, is woven from the funny situations and life stories began with a musical greeting from the cast of “Diesel Show”: Yegor Krutogolov, Eugene Smoriginas, Marina Poplavskaya, Eugene, Gasenko, Oleg Important, Yana Glushchenko, Alexander Berezhko and Victoria, Bulitko surrounded by circus performers and ballet. More than 30 actors at the same time came to the main stage of the Palace.

Two nights in a row sounded from the stage the most current, incredibly funny, honest and foolproof jokes. Audience and then exploded with laughter, shouting “Bravo!”. And while numbers about the state of roads in the country, where Egor Krutogolov played a grizzled trucker, and Eugene, Galenko – official of the “UkrAvtoDor”, the men wiped tears of laughter and right in the middle of the room stood and applauded and shouted: “well Done!”. And the idea the rooms are simple and clear – the driver made the officer test: forced him to take a ride on the simulator Ukrainian roads for all known “killed” route Kiev-Krivoy Rog-onward.

Not without favorite numbers of viewers on everyday topics. According to tradition, “deserved” mother country Marina Poplavskaya tore the applause, when the “established” relationship with a negligent “in-law” Alexander Bank. Only this time, the problem of fathers and children decided to radically Marina “left” in the well. But the idyll stage husband and wife, Victoria, Bulitko and Sasha Berezhko broke my favorite “grandma” of Ukraine – Eugene Smorygin. I laughed during the concert and on young dads. Egor Krutogolov, Eugene, Gasenko and Alexander Berezhok accustomed to the role perfectly – the experience of fatherhood already have all the actors. A special delight was caused by the father of seven children performed by Evgeny Smoriginas when his hero on the stage learned that will soon become a dad.

By the way, a large dad in your life re-lived behind the scenes for his older son – 7-year-old Alex. The young actor did a great job with his role and never forgot the words. Excited Smorygin senior after the number of admitted: “While standing backstage, lost excitement five pounds.”

A new tradition

I joked “Diesels” on asphalt, which “melts” every spring, thinner in the pursuit of Lviv trash the cops, the first ever trial of the mayor of the city, tales of bizwise. Not remained aloof and important, especially to the residents of the capital, the preparations for the Eurovision song contest.

Before the end of the school year raised the issue of Proms. Parents of high school students “diesels” have devoted very funny and true number of those let go their children to celebrate the end of school.

And in the room “At the reception of a plastic surgeon” appeared on the scene of the famous KVN, entertainers – sports Palace Kiev residence with Sergey Pisarenko and participant in many humorous and vocal Ukrainian television projects Evgeniy Nikishin. Comedians met perfectly, and the creators of “Diesel Show” after promised: “If the audience will respond well to, we will invite Sergey and Zhenya regularly!”.

And the chief-editor Alexei Planar announced the new tradition of “Diesel engines”:

– In future concerts “Diesel Show” will continue the tradition of inviting friends. We want to expand our “Diesel-Seven”.

Humor through tears

Pleased “the diesel” and his trademark musical numbers. The song “About the size of a large and a small” applause played at Victoria Bulitko and Marina Poplavskaya. Did not lag behind men to the tune of “And we still” room “lit” Oleg Ivanitsa, Yegor Krutogolov, Eugene, and Alexander Gasenko the Shore, singing a humorous song about the management of “Avtodor”, which, in the opinion of the actors, and came up with bezviz. “But not all the blame, if there are no roads!” summed up they are at the end of scenes.

Made both evenings a touching, poignant song about Ukraine to the tune of Volodymyr Ivasiuk “I pidu in Dalek Gori“. It Victoria Bulitko and Jan Glushenko sincerely talked about the disputes between right-Bank and left-Bank Ukraine. And with them she “Nenko Ukraine” is a magnificent Marina Poplavskaya. What singing actress “Diesel Show” see it through may 5, and then every Friday at 21.20 on channel ICTV.