The storm washed away the 270 containers with a cargo ship off the coast of the Netherlands. A few are poisonous substances

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Around 270 containers, including containers of hazardous chemicals fell from the cargo ship MSC Zoe in the North sea, reports TASS.

According to RTV Noord, the incident occurred in the night of 1 January 2 from the German island of Borkum. A container ship caught in a storm, which became the reason of falling of the cargo into the water. Most caught in water containers currently swims in the sea, but at least 21 container washed up on the coast of the nearby Islands, and their contents scattered on the beaches, where wet products harvested by local residents.

#terschelling flatscreen TV’s afhalen op het strand.

— Erik Scheer (@ErikScheer) January 2, 2019.

Glimmen had de PostcodeKanjer. Terschelling 30 zeecontainers heeft aan juttersavontuur. Honderden jeeps op het strand. Waanzin.

— Ritzo ten Cate (@ritzotencate) January 2, 2019.

At least three hit the water containers are organic peroxides – chemicals that cause irritation in contact with skin and mucous membranes. In order to avoid poisoning the coast guard of the Netherlands urged local residents not to open, the survivors of the containers and not to touch their contents and to inform emergency services about found on the shore of the containers.

According to preliminary estimates, to eliminate the consequences of this incident will take a few days.

The container ship MSC Zoe is one of the world’s largest ships of this class. He is able to take on Board more than 19 thousand standard containers. 400-meter vessel built in 2015 in South Korea sailing under the flag of Panama and is owned by the Swiss company Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).