The guy is now in jail, he faces up to 15 years of imprisonment. Against minors opened criminal proceedings under article 115 UK of Ukraine.

This tragedy shocked Kharkov. 16-year-old Ivan, as he writes in his article the journalist “Observer” Marina Petik, stabbed 14-year-old Lydia Shehovtsova. He saw her, the girl was the only child of her parents. Ivan struck a sweetheart 10 times with a knife and then fled, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The guy hid in the apartment of his friend, he found a few hours after the bloody murder. The police said that the main reason for the murder – jealousy. After his arrest, the teenager doesn’t talk to anyone.

Friends of the dead girl told that Lida Ivan met for about two years. At first it was just a friendship, which later developed into a more serious relationship.

For friends of the deceased death Lida – shock, nobody can believe that the guy did this.

About Lida say she was very kind, responsive. About Ivan another point of view.

“Out of his League she was. Lida dreamed of flying to do, studied, tried, her purpose was. As Vanya learned in College. And it is not sought, it is useless, truant. Say, dabbled in drugs, smoked something there. But I have not seen” – said one of the acquaintances of the lost girl.

Lida was a sports girl, I studied at the school of the air gymnastics “Almeja” in Kharkov, in the children’s and youth sports school “Avangard”. She played a lot and was an outlet for parents. Friends of the pair admitted that the couple are in despair and can’t accept that her daughter is no more.

When was the court, Ivan was silent all the time, just dropped the phrase that for him the most terrible punishment – to live without Lydia.

The girl he killed in the private sector, not far from her home.

One of the friends of Ivan says that a boy and a girl loved each other. But lately, Lida stopped to chat with Ivan, there was a lot of study, training, time to walk.

“She said to him: “Vanya, learn”. But he didn’t listen. Vanya is generally calm, but he used drugs,” – anonymous said “Explorer” guy.

According to him, the fateful moment was that Leda in her private account on Instagram put a photo with a classmate. Ivan was very angry, he was jealous much Lida. And if Ivan knew who the girl in the photo, you probably would’ve killed him.

Ivan wrote sweetheart, asked for a meeting. The girl refused and the boy threatened that he’ll kill her entire family.

“She took everything as a joke, because I was sure that Ivan would never do this. He said, go out, I surprise you will. And she went out. But they argued more, and then he started to stab,” continued anonymous.

After the massacre of Lida Ivan fled from his friend. And then laid out in Instagram video with a bloody face and hands.

Ivan struck Lida ten strokes, was beaten with a kitchen knife. Then took her cell phone. The screams of the girls ran to a neighbor, but it was too late.

Visit Ivan a lot of photos with Lida, the last one was posted in Valentine’s Day.

We will remind, in Zhitomir in the middle of the yard found the bodies of mother and daughter.

It was also reported about the terrible murder in the river, where his father was poisoned son with a disability, and then killed himself.