Today Sunday comes the day of Taras 2019, and we picked the best congratulations on your birthday.
On 10 March, the birthday of Taras / liza.IAS happy angel Taras today to be congratulated on all his friends men with the same name.The Birthday Of Taras

Today, March 10, celebrate their birthday of a man named Taras. Taras – a male name of Greek origin. The name Taras means – restless, rebellious, a troublemaker. The name was common in Eastern Europe. It is also possible that the name of Taras comes from the name of the Celtic God Taranis, the Thunderer. Common root “tar” can be traced in the mythology of the Scythians.

Taras endowed with courage, fearlessness, determination, boldness in thinking and actions. Among Tarasov a lot of these fighters. But the hero Taras is born, he becomes them, as his true destiny realizes in later years.

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Among Tarasov there are a lot of smart, savvy and talented people. In the Affairs of man to Taras distinguishes composure and accuracy. He selflessly takes up any business, but with the first steps in his head often begin to have thoughts like “is it worth it?”. A man with that name does things differently and convince him extremely difficult. He silently listened, maybe even first agree, but it will do as it sees fit. While it is unlikely that in the life of Taras there are many conflict situations, its internal energy, though capable on the outbreak of discontent, however, does not involve aggression.

Beside him, Taras wants to see a proactive and enterprising woman. It is precisely those qualities which he lacks, it is not always enough activity to make that happen. He wants to have a clever wife, who would be able to bring his ideas to life. He believes that almost all chores is the responsibility of his wife. Women appreciate the practicality and dedication.

The day an angel of Taras on the Church calendar

On this day, 10 March, the birthday of Taras on the Church calendar was established in honor of the Patriarch of Constantinople tarasy.

At the request of the Holy Prince Vladimir, he arrived from Constantinople to Russia to baptize the people of Kiev. Tarasius diligently preached the faith of Christ and in other areas of Russia.

Besides the Taras on March 10, marks the Day the angel also on 22 March, 26 may, 20 June, 15 August and 25 October.

A book of spiritual content would be a good gift for the religious men. The gospel, the Bible or prayer book in a beautiful binding will serve as a decoration for a home library or icon corner.

Prayer Holy one, whose name have: pray to God for me Holy Saint of God Taras, like AZ hard unto thee, the speedy helper and intercessor of my soul.

Congratulations Angela Taras

Taras, birthday wish,

As a child, something good to dream

And believe that in life everything is always possible,

Though targets may be very difficult.

I wish you luck in all your endeavors,

That practical experience, skills, knowledge

You always bring dividends

And that were not afraid of all the competitors!


Happy Angel, Taras! Among friends you are the soul of the company, on the job – engine of the workflow, the house – Keeper of a family and master with Golden hands. Stay the same wonderful person always! Be happy yourself and give happiness and love to others. Happy nameday to you!


Taras! Today, the day of your angel,

Congratulations to you. Good luck!

Let all the friends proud of you

Let you meet Fortuna designate.

Let happiness orchestra for you will sound

Music and joy heart warms.

Let the heart love the huge lit

Such that all difficulties will be overcome!


Taras, I congratulate you and wish this day only the good will and good fortune, just fun and intense days, only interesting and great events, only the good and best ideas, only good and happy moments of life.


Rebel, Taras, when in trouble,

And worry, if bad,

But if joy star

Risen again — don’t sigh.

Bless your fate, Taras,

Envy evil eye.


Taras! Our dear friend! We are happy to congratulate you with your birthday! Let your thoughts be as white as the feathers of your angel! Let the actions are as noble as the intentions of the Lord! Let your life be as light as a breath of wind from the wings of your guardian!


Congratulations, Taras. I wish you health and happy smiles, big ideas, aspirations, bright horizons and significant achievements, interesting Hobbies and exciting holidays of your life. If successful, Taras, confident and always focused on the optimistic wave!


We Taras congratulations

Name day him.

We have prepared the toast

And gifts for him.

Let Taras in this life

Every day?

Angel let his Guardian

A lot of happiness will bring.

Not will health

Any problems

Let like reference

It will be pleasant to all.


I heartily congratulate you, Taras. Desire hard and persistently go to his purpose, not deviating from its principles and without losing the value of his life. If successful, Taras, respected, loved and happy.


Today congratulations

My, Taras, take it,

Your soul rebel

Wish I love.

I wish you peace in the house

Comfort and warmth,

Favorite to next

Always been with you.

I wish that love

Calm gave,

Good luck to all my life

You, Taras, loved.


Dear, nice Taras

You’re a reliable friend, helper,

Your advice will come in handy

To support you we can!

Congratulations to you today

Happiness, strength and luck wish

Let the dream come true all

You are worthy, we all know that.


Angel’s day Taras pictures

As UNIAN reported earlier, on March 9, Ukrainians celebrate the birthday of famous classic of Ukrainian poetry – native Cherkassy region of Taras Shevchenko. Taras Shevchenko became in the popular mind the symbol of the Ukrainian national spirit. His creativity and way for decades, inspired by Ukrainian patriots to fight for the future of the country.