In the process of extinguishing the fire is very important to keep track of the location of all participating firefighters in the interests of their safety. To do this, the team of researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany) develops compact, wearable device the size of a few centimeters, which is mounted on the Shoe.

When a fireman is going to enter the building, the common information system records its position via GPS. Unfortunately, the GPS inside buildings is very unstable, which compensates for the new device. It is at the entrance to the building, and then starts to track the direction and distance traveled from the last point whence the GPS signal.

The main elements of the device – the accelerometer and gyroscope, which measures the speed and orientation in space. Measurement accuracy is enhanced by the ability to break each step into smaller pieces. For example, jump leg off the surface and, having made a forward movement, again the surface is several sequential motor phases.

All information is transmitted wirelessly to a computer located outside of the building. If one of the firefighters will not be able to leave the building or stay there for unknown reasons, his colleagues will know its exact location.

Scientists are also developing a wearable device that will be paired with the mentioned tracker. It will be equipped with an infrared camera to create a 3D model of the space that surrounds the fire. As a result, those who are in charge of extinguishing the fire will have a clearer idea about what’s going on inside the building.
Source Karlsruhe Institute of Technology