The next launch of the mystery of the reusable spacecraft of the U.S. air force known as the X-37B, is scheduled for may 16 this year. And this is the rare case when the purpose of the mission made public in advance, so as usual this camera performs its mission in complete secrecy. Perhaps the newly established Space corps of the United States, which now officially belongs to the X-37B, at the moment there is no task for him. And to unique the device is not idle, it “borrowed” from NASA.

In the interest of NASA on Board X-37B will be conducted two experiments, which for the first time secured an additional service module. The first project is devoted to the study of new materials to test the influence of the space environment. The second studies the impact of cosmic radiation on plant seeds – X-37B to fly in different orbits, including the midget, which will provide a wide range of conditions for the experiment.

The third project is conducted by the Research laboratory of the U.S. Navy, where he developed a technology to convert solar energy into microwave radio frequency. In this format, scientists hope to pass it aboard the X-37B on the Ground. Finally, the last of the aforementioned tasks – orbiting microsatellite FalconSat-8 belonging to the U.S. air force. He will also conduct some work, but they are already classified.
Source — Business Insider