Android OS adapted for almost all phones, watches, TVs and other gadgets. The only exception, of course – Apple products. The aim of the project Sandcastle (“Sandy castle”) of the company Correlium to correct this “misunderstanding”.

The result of their work – the opportunity now to install the beta version of the Android build on the iPhone. This became possible due to utility Checra1n, which opens access to the file system some devices, including the iPhone. Apple’s reaction was quite predictable: at the end of last year, she filed a lawsuit against Correlium.

However, without waiting for the results of the trial, Correlium offers everyone to take a chance and install on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus working (though not entirely unproblematic) build of Android.

If you evaluate the results of the work done, they more than modest: part of the “Apple” hardware under Android don’t work, including camera, video accelerator, Bluetooth, audio module and the modem for cellular communications. Only work CPU, touchscreen, and the file system. However, if you happen to own an old, unwanted iPhone 7, then why not hold such an extraordinary experiment?

Source — Project Sandcastle