Ukrainian political analyst Taras Berezovets reacted strongly to the agreement, which was signed by the head of the office of the President of Ukraine Andrey Ermak with a new “curator” “L/DNR” Dmitry Kozak. In Facebook, he wrote, as President Vladimir Zelensky can rectify the situation.

On March 11 in Minsk Ermak with a representative of the Kremlin’s Kozak agreed on the establishment of an Advisory Board. This, experts say, will lead to direct talks in Kiev with the “L/DNR”.

“We Zelensky there is only one chance to save the situation. And yourself,” – wrote Berezovets. He said that the President should immediately dismiss the Ermak as head of the OP and to withdraw the signature of Leonid Kuchma from the controversial document. In addition, the analyst believes the President should also publicly announce the rejection of this agreement.

“Everything else will sooner or later lead to a full disaster and his country. It’s only a matter of time”, – said Berezovets. He predicted the President “uncontrolled” scenario, if he did not dare to cut a deal with Moscow.

Earlier Диалог.UA reported that the agreement Ermak-Cossack provoked a strong reaction of the Ukrainian public. March 13 under the OP a few hundred Ukrainians protested against this scenario. Against the deal went more than 50 deputies of the party “servant of the people”, for which he was summoned to the Office of the President on the conversation.

Ermak has already explained the essence of the new deal with Kozak. He assured that any dialogue with the militants “L/DNR” will not.