To become again the Roman Groshev guy is not going to.

South Ural journalists first interviewed Dumplings. The young man changed his name to get 200 pounds favorite product from manufacturers.

The guy answers the questions, order another batch of dumplings in the cafe. Your prize he will receive once it’s ready a new passport. He has already figured out how to dispose of semi-finished products: part keep, the rest will be transferred to orphanages and give away to relatives.

Which, by the way, shocked by his decision – as well as the employees passport. The young man even warned: changing your name can cause problems because it’s not in any official registry.

“I heard a story that a girl in General a Tractor called in Chelyabinsk – in honor of the hockey team. I think that the Dumpling is not as tough when you consider that the girl at birth with a Tractor call”, – told reporters the Dumpling Kondol.