Cecile Elig carried and gave birth to a child for same-sex couples: my son and his husband.

A resident of Omaha became the surrogate mother to her son Matthew and his partner Elliot Daugherty. She immediately agreed to their proposal as soon as men are thinking about the children.

32-year-old Matthew and 29-year-old Elliot never thought that the 61-year-old woman post-menopausal women, able to carry and give birth to a child.

The reproduction medical center in Omaha conducted the necessary tests and analyses, the results of which acknowledged that a woman can bear a child.

By the way, the age of the surrogate mother in the world is a 67-year-old Greek woman, Anastasia Antu who gave birth in 2016, the child of his daughter. But she wore a 7.5 month fetus and gave birth to him by caesarean section. The child weighs only 2.16 kg. Cecile Elig bear a child till the end and bore it out yourself.