The Russian defense Ministry in the New year’s eve “pleased” with the Russians calendar by 2019-mu. It caused an unprecedented boom.

Social networks have responded to the calendar of the Russian army photoshopped pics and caustic comments, reports “Диалог.UA”.

In Russia authorities together with the media propaganda continue to heat up militarist sentiment. Thus, recently, the defense Ministry has released a scandalous calendar for 2019 year. It, among other things, was a picture of deadly rocket complex “Topol-M”, capable of striking at the distance of 12 thousand kilometers with a creepy caption: “delivery of goods around the world.”

The image of the girl-sniper, they are accompanied by the inscription “From some women blows a head.” Missile firing called “Christmas toys, candles and crackers.” Could not resist the military and from photo marching with the children. The social network shocked by the cynical and “bloody” calendar, which the Russian army takes mass murder as a kind of entertainment.

“From the “cannibal joke”” – aptly commented on the creation of the defense Ministry blogger Igor eidman. Agreed, the subscribers, having come to the conclusion that Russia is once again “hit bottom” in its cynicism and bloodthirstiness.

It is noteworthy that the social network has already offered the Russian army alternative photo to their “cute” titles. So “the Delivery of goods around the world,” they found it more acceptable picture of the car with the “cargo 200”.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that the Federal service of execution of punishments of the Russian Federation has published the calendar is the old ways of the death penalty.