Today, April 17, the price of oil was first shown
optimistic growth, and then again went into decline. It is noted that
affected two mixed news from China and the United States. So, in China
announced a record reducing runway for the first time since 1992, and Donald trump called
the timing of economic recovery and exit from the quarantine.

Brent at 8:45 record rose to 28.50 after
statements from the United States, but after the fall, which affected the message
from China about the record fall of the runway to -6.8 percent. The cost fell to
mark 27,80 at 11:15.

WTI also significant growth is not shown after the Declaration of the trump,
and remained at the level of 19.65 per barrel at 8:45. However, after
a few hours collapsed to the level 18,27 10:00, and then start to stagnate
and went beyond the mark 18,35 by 11:30.

It is noted that analysts don’t believe in trump’s words about
the exit from the crisis and quarantine amid thousands of deaths in the United States.

Earlier it was reported that OPEC predicts decline again
world oil demand in 2020 because of the “historic shock” caused by
the outbreak of coronavirus. She also stated that such a reduction may be not the last time this year.

Recall that after a sharp rise in the cost of oil on the eve of
transactions of OPEC, the price of “black gold” were in the area of turbulence and not
can be stabilized. It is noted that the Brent and WTI begin sharp
growth, and then as quickly fall.

Before it became known that at the moment Russian
the budget still receives full funding from the oil sector and this
situation will continue until mid-may, but then in the Kremlin finally feel
the decline in oil prices.