KIEV. September 4. UNN. In the coming years the bitcoin price will reach 60 thousand dollars. About this Twitter wrote the co-founder and former CEO of a major Chinese cryptocurrency exchange, Bobby Lee, reports UNN.

In his opinion, capitalization of bitcoin could reach $ 1 trillion.

“In the coming years bitcoin will overcome the level of 60 thousand dollars, the total value of cryptocurrencies in circulation will reach 1 trillion dollars”, – he wrote.

Overcoming bitcoin barrier of 1 trillion dollars. will be able to convince many skeptics in the success of cryptocurrencies and prove that the asset has real value, said Lee.

However, many countries are afraid of cryptocurrency. So, for example, in America, bitcoin is considered “sveshnikovym asset”. Along with this, the financial services Agency of Japan proposes to delete bitcoin from the list of means of payment.

Ukraine, meanwhile, continues to be defined in the regulation of cryptocurrency market from the point of view of the legislation.

Registered in the Parliament several draft laws on the legalization of digital money, and recently it was decided to combine them into a single document.

The author of one of the bills about cryptocurrency is the MP from the RPL Serhiy Rybalka (last year he was fired from the post of Chairman of the Finance Committee BP). His paper, however, experts of the Bitcoin Foundation called senseless and populist.

But according to some media, the bill Fishing (No. 7183-1) and is “written off” the Russian officials. Moreover, the co-author of the bill about bitcoin Fishing made a citizen’s wife Anastasia Bayborodina.

And this act colleagues of the radical party called at least “unethical”.