Today on the political talk show “the Situation”, which was held on TV “Straight”, one of the most influential generals of the security Service of Ukraine Grigory Omelchenko delivered a comprehensive speech, revealing many of the secret plans of the Kremlin and made some loud statements.

Grigory Omelchenko said that is familiar with the criminal head of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin, and ready at every opportunity to go to his physical elimination, notify “Диалог.UA”.

Today Grigory Omelchenko told about how Putin himself would behave in that case, if one of his daughters was kidnapped.

Omelchenko also published maps of the General Staff of the armed forces marked “secret”, which is seen as the army of the Russian aggressor had intended to conduct a full-scale intervention in the territory of the Ukrainian state.

Recall that well-known political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko said about why the President of the aggressor country, Vladimir Putin captured Ukrainian sailors and for no selfish ends, they need him.