The Network has made fun of the Kharkiv separatist, held the thorny path to become a citizen of the fake Republic in the occupied Donbas.

years ago, a separatist from Kharkov over in the occupied Donetsk, where
went through hell to get the coveted passport “DNR”. On
spent the nerves of a fellow member of the fighters to become part of the “Russian
the world,” said her friend.

a screenshot published blogger Fascists Donetsk in the social network Twitter, noting that
the same document, it can draw on the knee, reports

the social network of joy a lover to terrorist “L/DNR” is not divided,
leaving a lot of caustic comments in her address under the post.

the Network has ridiculed the “poor” Kharkiv separatist, the wife of the “hero of the DPR”,
which stubbornly do not give your passport psevdorespubliki.

social networks ridiculed the intentions of the invaders in the Crimea, to deprive the inhabitants of the annexed
Peninsula the citizenship of Ukraine.

The state Duma is preparing to simplify the procedure for obtaining passports of the aggressor to