The people of Brussels to protest after death of 19-year-old offender quarantine in a police chase

Damien Rieu /

In the Brussels commune Anderlecht on Saturday and on Sunday night there were clashes between local youths and police after a patrol during pursuit killed 19-year-old youth who violate the conditions of quarantine and tried to escape on a scooter. This was reported Sunday by a local TV channel RTL.

The police stopped a young man in the evening of 10 April. Trying to escape on the scooter, he ran into one of the pursuing police car and died on the spot.

After the appeals in social networks, young residents of Anderlecht and other areas of Brussels, where a coronavirus prohibited mass meetings, took to the streets. They pelted police with stones and burned several cars, and a police car stole the gun.

Night threw stones, the police building, breaking Windows, was also recorded several arson attacks in different places of the commune. The riots were put down only by Sunday morning. Police arrested about 100 people, enhanced security measures will remain in force for a few days.

Émeutes en cours à #Bruxelles

— Damien Rieu (@DamienRieu) April 11, 2020

On March 14 in Belgium there are strict national quarantine. Initially, it was administered to 5 April, but on 27 March the authorities decided to extend the quarantine until April 19 with possibility to postpone its completion until may 3. In the Kingdom closed all educational, cultural and public institutions, students and pupils transferred to distance education, banned all public events, regardless of the number of participants. All private companies encouraged to transfer employees to remote work. Watch the work of state institutions was reduced, without changes operate only emergency services.

The Kingdom also closed its borders and forbade any trip to the country. Residents are allowed to move only within their district. Transport and shops they have to keep your distance.