This week the US defense Department has officially published three short videos, which the military captured a UFO. All the videos are old, is not the first ply in the Internet and have not any interest to ufologists – that’s why they published. The Pentagon felt that this step no longer threatens their interests.

Six months ago, in September 2019, the U.S. Navy has confirmed the authenticity of the videos, and now they are officially available to all comers. And that’s all, no new parts, revelations or leaks followed. The military continues to refuse to name the depicted objects other than Unidentified Flying Objects, with an emphasis on the word “unidentified”. Say, we didn’t recognize, but guesses or insights to share will not.

And yet some progress is happening there. In the 2017th, the U.S. government has spent $22 million on the investigation of the incidents that were described as “unidentified aerial threat”. Judging by the presence and recognition of videos, and it still goes on real missions observations and the work of the security services. Once the pilots of the U.S. Navy raised for the sake of intercepting something, the military is really concerned about this, and not just mimic the activity for further funding.

Source — US Department of Defense