The Patriarch warned the leaders of the European States against the danger to “reopen wounds”

KIEV. May 8. UNN. The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Patriarch Sviatoslav warned leaders of the European States from the danger of reopening the wound and called for reconciliation. He said this during a special online discussion forum of the Kiev “War that lasts: the tragedy and lessons of world war II in the new reality”, reports UNN , citing the press release of the forum.

The head of the UGCC stressed that “all violence – whether the violence is physical, whether mental, even spiritual – leaves a deep wound”.

“After the Second world war all of humanity, and in particular Europe, the European Nations were very wounded. I’m not talking only about the personal wounds of the tragedy of a particular person, a particular family, the tragedy of specific people. I think we are talking about certain wounds, which he received after the war all of humanity in its different parts,” he said.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav reminded that at the time, John Paul II offered to wounded Europe “recipe to treat wounds, And only prolonged heart be capable of reconciliation.”

“That is, the road of reconciliation, which was started in the West, in Europe before the end of the Second world war – between France and Germany, then Catholic bishops continued the reconciliation between the German and Polish peoples. Supporter of Polish-Ukrainian reconciliation was precisely John Paul II. This is the recipe for how we really treat heart to treat wounds. This is the recipe that way, which left us as a Testament to Saint John Paul II” – said his Beatitude Sviatoslav.

There is another approach – to reopen wounds, “to do everything that they were bleeding,” added the head of the UGCC.

“To instrumentalisierung rastravlennye wound pain in order to cause hatred and opposition to those wounds was transferred as a collective inheritance from one generation to another. This is a different approach that makes it possible for the pain to build imperialist myths, ideology, and obviously to legitimize the crimes,” he said.

According to his Beatitude Sviatoslav, in Europe today, not all remember the words of John Paul II.

“Not everyone is convinced that it is necessary not only to win the war, and to overcome war we must win the war. So many today who think just the legitimization of the crimes of Stalinism and communism, the victory over Nazism is the only way the historical narrative of Europe,” he said.

The head of the UGCC appealed to the heads of all European States: “I do today, I would like to warn all political leaders from different countries of Europe from the danger of reopening wounds.”

“I would love to have this on 8 may to commemorate the victory over Nazism was a day when our hearts can bear positive, good memories that will heal, build, reconcile. And do we in Europe could finally win the war, no more knocking either in Georgia or in Ukraine or in another country. The collective positive memory say “no” to any neo-imperialist ideology that wants to instrumentalisierung the anguish of Nations in a new war. And God we all will help,” added his Beatitude Sviatoslav.

As reported UNN, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in the address to Ukrainians on the Day of memory said that nobody has the right to forget what price was paid ancestors that the Ukrainians had the opportunity to live in such a world.