The world figure skating champion Alina Sagitova admitted that she was difficult to win the tournament in Japan. In addition, she reassured fans, saying that it did not intend to finish career in the near future. According to the owner of bronze Evgenia Medvedevoj, she had to speak with sprain thigh muscles, but this only gave strength and confidence. And the coach of the team Brian Orser noted the importance of this award for his ward.

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“I’m very happy, and that’s it”

Triumph of Russian figure skating ended the women’s tournament of the world championship in Japan. The champion of Olympic games in Pyeongchang Alina Sagitova won the gold medal. She stressed that the current trophy was given to her is not as easy as it might seem from the outside.


The triumph of Sagitova, a quadruple Salchow Tursynbaeva, bronze Medvedeva: how figure skaters competed for the medals at the world Cup in Japan

Russian figure skater Alina Sagitova won the world championship in the Japanese Saitama. It showed the best results in a short and…

“I’m very happy today, and that’s it. Heavy medal, but I want to say a huge thank you to my entire team for what they have endured. We were able to show a good result. I was supported by friends and family. Knew that I was warmly welcomed. It’s just unreal the audience, her support helps to jump”, — quotes the figure skater TASS.

For many athletes the world Championships will be the last major tournament of the season. Despite this, she has underlined that does not intend to relax after the triumph in Saitama.

“Let’s go eat sushi now? Keep yourself in good shape because I have performances. And then you can eat something tasty. Well then I have a show in Japan,” she said in the First channel.

The Russian has confirmed its status as one of the best athletes of our time, becoming the youngest winner of Olympic gold medals and world Championships over the last 20 years. However, to the delight of a large army of her fans, she does not intend to complete a professional activity, despite this impressive achievement.

“I don’t tend to plan for the future, because you never know what will happen tomorrow. Include to this type of people who live in the moment and in the present day. But let me just say one thing: I will continue to speak out”, — quotes the portal Sagitova OlympicСhannel.

Silver left for Kazakhstan figure skater Elizabeth Tursynbayeva. She became the first representative of his country, which managed to win a world championship medal in women’s figure skating.

“Of course, I’m glad. For me it was very unexpected, because it is the first achievement of this level for my country. During the rental I tried not to think, just focused on his program”, — shared his emotions the athlete.

However, to achieve Tursynbaeva not over. For the first time in the history of official competitions, the girl was able to do a quadruple Salchow, previously available only to men.

“I can’t believe I did it. I began to work on this jump about three years ago. This is my favorite item. I tried to do it in other competitions, but nedobrovol or fall. But coach Eteri (Tutberidze. — RT) was helping me. Glad he I got here. Already out on the ice, I felt that I could do it,” admitted the winner of the silver medal.

Another Russian, Evgeny Medvedev, has managed to rise from fourth to third and to win in Japan the bronze. She was pleased with herself and her free program.

“Passed really very much. Just want to heal and move on. Over the past year, I was tormented by many doubts, but when it happened in training, I turned around, gazed over the rim, saw Brian Orser, Tracy Wilson, Misha GE and knew no one. Thank them for the support, for where I am now. We’ve been through it, they miss all through the heart, you know it,” she said.

As it became known after rolling, two-time silver medalist of the Pyeongchang 2018 has performed with a hip injury. She pulled a muscle during warm-UPS before the short program and was forced to overcome the pain. However, according to Medvedeva, discomfort only gave her strength.

“Today I had a bit early to end a workout because it was hard. But when I came here, I realized that if I didn’t include the anger and inner character, then the result will be. The pain awakened a fire in me that has helped it sustain. Even the moral was not so difficult because I just didn’t think about where you are,” she added.

For the Russians the way to the current success was not only positive aspects but also of the numerous failures that plagued it in the post-Olympic season. She said that to cope with them helped a huge leap like this.


Records Sagitova, confidence Medvedeva and “butterfly” Kihira: as a skater skated the short program at the world Cup in Japan

Russian figure skater Alina Sagitova won the short program at the world Championships in Saitama. She updated personal record for total…

“I have done two times more work than usual. First daily natrenirovannosti arbitrary program, and sometimes more than once and for several. After the Olympics there were difficulties with the diet, gained about 5 kg in weight. Now again it took off and go to that body that I dream about — dry, athletic. And I’ll do it”, — concluded Medvedev.

In addition, the athlete said about any program with which she plans to play in next season. It is associated with Japanese motifs and will be called “memoirs of a geisha”. According to Medvedeva, the speech was already chosen music.

Another Russian, Sofya Samodurov, were able to improve their position after the short program and became the eighth. Despite the error made in the final cascade, she was pleased with the hire.

“I left everything on the ice, his legs no longer walk, shaking. All, tired. Each rental special, every start new step up, and I was able to get one and prove to yourself and your team what you are capable of. But all the elements can be done with greater speed, height, higher quality visits. Going to pick up the pieces”, — quotes the figure skater RIA Novosti.

The champion of Europe 2019 thanked for the support of his team, but also a friend and bandmate of coach Alexei Mishin Elizabeth Tuktamysheva remaining in the reserve national team of Russia and did not come to Tokyo.

“I want to thank my team, family, fans, and also to say Hello to Lisa. Lisa, to me you are not missing”, — said Samodurov.

“The season was like a roller coaster”

A kind of confrontation between Tutberidze and Orser once again ended in favor of Russian mentor, because her wards occupied the top two steps of the podium. The specialist admitted that the excitement for the athletes disappeared only after the last of a series of elements made Sagitova.

“We are very happy. The fact that heavier is more valuable. Happy for our girls and the coaching team. It was the most difficult way to medals. Thank you all that continued to believe in us and support!” — she wrote on his page in Instagram.

Choreographer Daniel Gleichenhaus, part of the coaching staff Tutberidze, also congratulated the students and fans with this success.

“Yes! Unbelievable! How much strength and nerves had been spent during the preparation for this world Cup — and all for nothing! Gold and silver Alina Sagitova and Elizabeth Tursynbaeva. Thank you to all our fans!” — shared his emotions specialist.

In turn, Orser stressed the importance of the bronze medal of the world championship for Medvedeva.

“Emotionally the season was a roller coaster. But I have always believed that change was necessary Eugene, it takes about 18 months. So you will see a big difference. While we had only ten months, so the best is yet to come. Support was very important and felt. Thank you for this!” — quoted canadian mentor website of the TV channel “360”.