In Poland, staged in Hitler’s book

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KIEV. March 23. UNN. In the Warsaw theatre “Powszechny” newspaper presented the production of the book “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler. Directed by Jakub Skrivanek, who said that he found this text “a new meaning”, reports UNN with reference to the newspaper Polska the Times.

Actors have to quote phrases from books, calling the Slavs, including the poles themselves, third-class people. Skrivanek emphasizes that it did not support Nazism and the contents of “Mein Kampf”, but wants to understand why after all the horrors of the Second world war, these ideas still find supporters.

“I was also surprised by how easy it was to access this text. I just put in a search engine’s “Mein KAPF” and saw tons of translations. Nazi ideas are often downloaded under the guise of historical or educational files,” says the Director.

The play was produced as part of the celebration of the anti-fascist of the year in Poland. The show will be able to get only adult audience.

As a reminder, five paintings attributed to Adolf Hitler, failed to find buyers at the auction, which took place on Saturday amid anger through the sale of Nazi memorabilia.