The New York Times published another article about the alleged “collusion” between Russia and the Taliban*, which named “mediator”.

  • © RIA Novosti / Andrey Greshnov

As noted in the article, citing data from intelligence and Afghan officials are talking about drug-smuggling in Rahmat Azizi.

Previously, the newspaper The New York Times, citing sources, published the first article which claimed that Russian military intelligence was allegedly offered a reward associated with the Taliban militants for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Later, the Russian foreign Ministry called the publication “a simple surge”. As noted in the Department, it clearly illustrates the “low intellectual abilities of advocates from the American intelligence.”

It stressed that Afghanistan “is no longer a secret the involvement of members of the American intelligence community to drug trafficking, cash payments to the militants during the transport passage of caravans, the kickbacks from contracts for execution of various projects, paid by us taxpayers”.

The US President Donald trump, in turn, called the article “paid”.

The Taliban spokesman also said that the movement “strongly rejects” claims the newspaper.

* The Taliban declared a terrorist organization by the decision of the RF Supreme court dated 14.02.2003.