The number of cases COVID-19 in the world, exceeded 3 million


The total number of cases of coronavirus in the world reached 3 002 303 people, the number of deaths rose to 131 208, according to the American Johns Hopkins University that summarizes the data of the authorities, the media and other sources.

As of 19:31 in Moscow, the victims of coronavirus infection were 208 131 people. Number recovered – 878 813, reports “Interfax”.

The world health organization reports that 2.8 million infections, more than 196 thousand people died.

Johns Hopkins University publishes the data in real time, as soon as they arrive from the field. Who sums up the results of once a day.

The largest number of cases in the USA (972 969 people died in 55 of 118), second place – Spain (229 of 422 people, died 23 521), the third – Italy (199 414, died 26 977).

France was 162 220 22 cases and 890 deaths in Germany – 158 142 cases and 5 985 fatalities in the UK – 154 038 797 cases and 20 deaths.

Russia ranks in the list of Johns Hopkins University in ninth place. In Russia recorded more than 87 thousand patients COVID-19 (most of which are in Moscow), of which 794 had died, more than seven thousand patients were cured.