Last month, Samsung showed 2.5-inch SSD-drive capacity of 30 TB, the most capacious at the time in the world. Now the record is broken with the appearance of the offspring of less well-known companies Nimbus Data. Its model ExaDrive DC100 3.5 inches and can accommodate up to 100 TB and will become a dangerous competitor to the Korean product.

According to Thomas Isaakovich, CEO of Nimbus Data, “cram” more data in a small physical volume – a deadlock branch of development. Samsung had to develop ultra fast methods for writing and reading to show that with such huge volume, you can work comfortably. In Nimbus Data went another way, and the capacity of their drive only 500 MB/sec, which is extremely low in comparison with its competitors.

But the new SSD is very energy efficient, it consumes 85% less energy for maintenance of 1 TB of memory than current top models. That is the scale model of the data center, the millions saved on electricity money. Plus massive capacity – these drives will be in demand wherever you need to process vast amounts of data inexpensively.

About the cost of new SSDS does not say anything, moreover, they are unlikely to go on General sale. Nimbus Data is preparing exclusive offers for the biggest players in the industry of data centers, and their reaction will depend on how popular will be this technology.
Source Nimbus Data