NASA has confirmed the rumor that really works with actor Tom cruise on the film, which will be filmed in space aboard the International space station. The shooting of the film now are in the early preparatory phase.

Previously, NASA has already reported that he would like to open ISS for business. And offer it as a location for filming, of course, any way to do it. The head of NASA, Jim Bridenstine notes that such promotion aims to “inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists”, potentially able to participate in the development of the Agency.

The project partner is the company SpaceX. It is expected that the organization will join the project, to deliver crews to the ISS. Crew Dragon capsule at the end of this month will go to the last test mission, to check whether it can deliver a crew of two astronauts to the ISS and back.

NASA and SpaceX plan to make part of the seats in the Crew Dragon is available for commercial flights. The spacecraft can accommodate up to seven passengers, and, according to the plans of the Agency, NASA will reserve four of them. The idea is to offset the cost of launches through commercial orders. Previously, SpaceX has announced that it plans to open a private tourist flights aboard a Crew Dragon. At the moment of their launch is planned for the end of the beginning of 2021 or 2022.
Source — TechCrunch