USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)

Department of Defense photo by Thomas M. Ruyle / DVIDS

USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78)

U. S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice Angel Thuy Jaskuloski / DVIDS

The latest U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) was forced to return from a test hike to its base in Norfolk (state of Virginia) in connection with the failure of the system to launch carrier-based aircraft, said the naval forces of the United States.

“For five days we could not launch aircraft”, – stated in the message of the fleet, which leads “Interfax”.

The reason for that was the system of the electromagnetic catapult EMALS (Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System), which was carried out from 2017 to replace the traditional steam catapults, which require large reserves of fresh water on the ship.

According to open sources, the EMALS, developed by us firm General Atomics, compared with a conventional steam catapult to disperse combat aircraft smoothly and creates a more gentle load on the aircraft.

On 2 June the crew of the aircraft carrier has detected a fault in the power system EMALS, said USNI News. This happened after a manual reboot, said Monday the representative of the Navy captain Danny Hernandez. June 7, the efficiency of the EMALS was restored and took place on takeoff from the deck of the ship.

The carriers of the USS Gerald Ford – a series of multipurpose nuclear aircraft carriers of the United States, the construction of which started in 2009. They are introducing a number of new technologies and constructive decisions, in particular the elements of stealth technology. The lead ship was introduced in the US Navy in 2017. In addition it is planned to build at least two ships.

Currently, the US Navy has 11 nuclear aircraft carriers.

Problems with the electromagnetic catapult on the aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford appeared on the stage of construction of the ship. Media reported that in 2015 during a demonstration catapult has not worked. However, the military did not confirm that. In a press release from the Navy stated that “any deficiencies identified during the tests the vessel will be examined” during the presence of an aircraft carrier in port. The representative of the United States Navy William couch has declared to Agency AP that he could not comment on the status of the operating systems of the ship.

The original cost of a Gerald R. Ford was 10.5 billion dollars, but in the course of construction increased to 12.9 billion dollars. Thus, he became the most expensive warship in the world.

USS Gerald R. Ford capable of carrying a crew of 4,500. It can be based 70 aircraft. This was reported in March 2017, the US President Donald trump. He called the then dostraivaniya aircraft carrier “vital component” of defense of the United States.