The mushrooms were hearty meat – study

According to scientists, your meals can be made more useful


Scientists have found that mushrooms for the same protein levels leave the person a greater sense of satiety than meat, and allow longer not to feel hunger.

This is reported by the world media, citing Medical Press.

The study was conducted by scientists from the U.S. University of Minnesota. In the experiment, 17 women and 15 men consumed two servings or fungi (mushrooms) or meat (lean beef) with the same level of calories and protein for ten days.

The results showed a significant difference in ratings of satiety. Participants reported more hunger, higher level of satiety after consumption of the mushroom Breakfast compared to meat. In addition, the group who sat on the meat diet, eat at one sitting more food, gaining additionally approximately 100 kcal.

As the researchers note, the work indicates nutritive and nourishing properties of mushrooms. In their opinion, their food can be made more useful by replacing the meat with this product, at least partially.

We will remind, in Okhmatdet died 10-year-old girl who was poisoned by mushrooms.