Company Flux Design Co from Seattle sells a new type of vehicle: all-terrain Board-SUV Track 1. The device is not able to swim, however, easily carries an adult in snow, sand, mud, gravel and other rough terrain. Plus it looks like a futuristic Rover to conquer other worlds.

The propulsion system for Track 1 is fully electric, the engine has a power of 5 HP and batteries for fast replacement is made quick. On a single charge, according to the severity of the task, the machine passes from 13 to 24 km. This combined wheel-track unit is comparable in size with a trendy electro-scooter, but it exerts such a pressure on the ground, if standing on a large 76-inch wheels. And, therefore, falls in the mud.

Management Track 1 remote, but to enter the turns it is better to help tilt the body. Fortunately, it provides a mounting for the feet, and a caterpillar can dramatically slow down or move downhill, not sliding. The developers say that it can overcome the 50-degree slope, but only with one passenger on Board.

Elements of design Track 1 consists of a patented combination of polymer and composite materials, there is no plastic, only carbon, Kevlar, chrome and carbon steel. The apparatus can travel on wet sand but in the water it is better not to omit. However, this can fix in the future – the modular design of the Track 1 and right now we’re testing different versions of its equipment. Announced price: $3.5 thousand per copy.

Source — Flux Design Co