New model jet ski RXP-X 300 made by Sea-Doo has a power plant rated at 300 HP At first glance, quite modest — but not for a machine weighing just 400 kg. At this weight ratio and power of this jet ski can give odds even the ground of the champion, the Bugatti Chiron supercar.

In fact, the model RXP-X 300 was created not to record acceleration or reaching top speeds, and for perfect maneuvering. As a joke, the creators of the jet ski, he reference will be included in the rotation speed of 110 km/h, whether you seat or not. This is achieved through the use of the rear sponsons – wing elements that relate to water only when the roll and create an additional point of support.

New jet ski rides on the water, and cuts through its thickness, and if you deliberately don’t look for big waves, ride at high speed will be softer than in the limo. Software new offspring Sea-Doo balance around an optimal rate of speed in 100 km/h and the machine compensates for the flaws of driving. But if you want to overclock at your own risk please.

Model Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 is positioned as a race, and if you compare investments, it’s one of the cheapest water cars. At the price of $15.4 thousand and length less than 4 m, the jet ski is comparable in handling characteristics to the boat with two 300 HP motors. But this kit will have to pay a lot more.

Source — Popular Mechanics