The Minister of justice said that in Ukraine more systematically torturing detaineesPaul Smith / Photo:

Pavel Petrenko says that now every person detained by law enforcers, has the right for two hours to obtain a lawyer, and before that – neither the investigator nor the Prosecutor is not entitled to take testimony

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The Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko said that Ukraine withdrew from the list of countries that have systemic problems with cases of torture during detention.

About it reports UKRINFORM.

“Now we can state that the number of torture during detention, the number of cases when a man under pressure, has decreased significantly. Ukraine actually came from a blacklist of countries that have systemic problems of torture in detention of citizens”, – said Petrenko.

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According to him, now every person detained by law enforcement bodies, has the right for two hours to obtain a lawyer, and before that – neither the investigator, nor the Prosecutor may not have this man to take any testimony to put pressure on him or blackmail.

“Now we have a very good practice with the cooperation of the new police, new law enforcement training of investigators, how they communicate with attorneys, lawyers and free legal aid”, – said the Minister.

He added that in one year the lawyers of the legal aid system has achieved acquittals for 500 people, on which “hung” nedorazvedany case.

Recall that in Chernivtsi 16-year-old boy complained that he was beaten by the police after he accidentally picked up a package of explosives.

A young man named Michael saw in the street a bag and out of curiosity picked it up. Bag exploded, the guy was wounded in the face, feet and hands. The incident occurred near Chernivtsi psychiatric hospital.

The youth received first aid, after which he was taken to the station. “That’s where I got the bruises after the attacks, which caused me duty police officer Pavlenok, which would not let me into the fresh air, because I was sick, and then tore my shirt and was pulling his wounded fingers,” says the guy. In office of public Prosecutor declared that has opened a criminal case on the statement of victim’s father.