In the case of the death of tourists on the Dyatlov pass found evidence that may shed significant light on what exactly happened in 1959.

About the discovery told ufologist from Nizhny Tagil, Valentin Degtyarev, for many years engaged in the solution of this loud history reports “Диалог.UA”.

The scientist says that during its regular exploration and research found in the pages of the notebook of one of the participants of the fatal campaign of Zinaida Kolmogorov, traces of blood.

Degtyarev questioned the official version of this evidence and said that when we were investigating this notebook could pull out of the backpack. After that, the books were most likely removed many of the pages (it is not excluded that the girl could keep a diary of the expedition, – ed), and then the notebook again, put it in the backpack of the dead. In this tiny blood spots on the pages of attention, no one paid.

The researcher is convinced that the current technology will help this important clues to get the maximum information.

Degtyarev now wants to know whether there was blood in the Kolmogorov poison. It is also possible to determine the level of exposure.

Moreover, it is possible that will manifest the pregnancy question the Kolmogorov, which has been discussed many times among experts.

We will remind, earlier it was reported about the love drama that happened on the Dyatlov pass.

Additionally, the exhumation of the body of one of the dead members of the expedition shocked the scientists.