Partners ‘ news the Leading business website of the country changed platform and design after 7 years

The portal that is part of the company Ligamedia, updated platform and site design

05.04.18 22000

The leading business media of Ukraine portal existing since 1996, updated platform and design. The previous update of the resource was conducted in 2011. The new site is a light design, wide multimedia support, responsive layout.

The design of the portal was developed keeping in mind the trends of the world’s leading digital-media. “When choosing a platform and developing the concept of the redesign, we focused on the experience of leading international publications – Bloomberg, the Economist, NYT,” says SEO Ligamedia Dmitry Bondarenko.


Completely changed the architecture of the portal, implemented a new database, purchased and installed new servers, the portal is running on a modern CMS. Users will benefit from the significantly increased speed of loading pages. In addition, implemented, and supported cloud technologies. “We worked hard to ensure that the portal has indeed become a high-end product that fits the key trends”, – said Bondarenko.

Project Manager for the replacement of the platform Olga Chibisova said that the platform has become a truly multimedia, the portal will work perfectly in any formats and on any device.


“To determine the trends in media, we have attracted specialists and consultants, selecting the best in terms of working with SEO, usability and current media consumption. We hired the company that conducted the study was engaged in product testing and constantly adjust the result. In General, the work was colossal,” added Bondarenko.

“But what you see now is not the final version, the site will continue to change for the better,” adds chief editor of the portal Oleg Ivantsov.

To the left on the home page – news in real-time. The Central part is occupied by the best publications of the journalists under them – column and the block “from the editor”. Changed the design of material types.


In addition, the new website focuses on the authors – a new presentation of opinions and blogs handpicked by tags, comments. Updated and expanded section of financial services, unified design of portal sites.

News portal – key product Ligamedia, is a leading Ukrainian Internet media, the first place in the category of business media. Audience – more than 3.5 million unique users per month and over 200 million page views per year.