Genius. Adventurer. Investor. Novator. Whatever you call Elon musk, and the status of newsmaker, he for a secured long and well. And when on 1 April he issued a mournful tweet in the style of “all is lost”, many believed it seriously. Yes, so that now the Mask will be difficult to convince the serious people that this was all just a joke.

What happened? Musk has just published a series of tweets in which he named his company Tesla bankrupt. Without explanation or any details, so only after work Monday it turned out that everything said was a joke in honor of the international day of the fool. But the stock market did not understand the humor and Tesla stock immediately plummeted in value by 7%, to $248 apiece. When you consider that at the peak of the entire history of the company were only $389, then it is extremely unpleasant for investors.

So it’s a shame Musk stepped on the sore spot to those who have invested in Tesla a lot of money and waiting for the impact that he once remembered:

  • The company’s debt is already over $10 billion, not million;
  • The last fiscal month turned out to be the worst in 7 years;
  • Tesla withdrew on the eve of a huge batch of electric vehicles;
  • Once the production plan is completely disrupted;
  • Electric car Tesla recently made an accident and killed its owner;
  • Rumors of an impending bankruptcy were not clearly refuted from last year.

It is not excluded that a seasoned businessman Elon Musk and this time find the right words and actions to get out of a sticky situation and continue the game. But it may happen so, that the joke would turn into a grim prophecy.
Source — Wall Street Journal