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The last three cruise ship passengers no signs of coronavirus, was still afloat during a pandemic, should this week to pull people ashore. In Marseille on Monday to begin landing more than 1,700 passengers MSC Magnifica, who last felt the earth beneath my feet six weeks ago.

In L. A. should disembark the ship Pacific Princess, Barcelona – Costa Deliziosa, the BBC reports with reference to the International Association of cruise lines.

The last time the MSC Magnifica passengers landed at new Zealand’s Wellington. On Board are mostly citizens of Italy, France and Germany, there are a few Russians.

The liner went round the world cruise from Europe in January, then it was reported only a few cases of “unknown pneumonia” in the Chinese city of Wuhan, there were no lethal outcomes. Only reached the coast of South America, the crew realized that the situation in the world deteriorated. In February it became known about cases of infection and death of passengers on other cruise liners, ports began to close.

In mid-March Magnifica allowed to moor off the coast of Tasmania, where at that time there have been sporadic cases of the coronavirus, but the captain decided not to release the passengers from the ship. In Sydney, it became apparent that round-the-world journey will have to end. In Sydney and Melbourne under strict conditions, allowed to go to those passengers who decide to return home. Took advantage of a few hundred people, but most preferred to continue the voyage.

In the Australian Fremantle MSC Magnifica met unkind reception. When entering the port the ship must provide medical documentation confirming that no one on Board of infectious diseases. Two weeks before the arrival in Fremantle of 250 passengers visited a medical office: according to the BBC, they needed painkillers or bandages. Signs of coronavirus no one had noted.

However, the Prime Minister of Western Australia mark McGowan said at a press conference that the 250 passengers reported upper respiratory tract, and promised not to allow that they “roamed the streets”. In the end, the police and border guards were sure that no one aboard MSC Magnifica came down to the shore, and a small group of protesters came with placards urging travelers to return home.

Liner Costa Deliziosa, on Board of which are 1814 passengers and 898 team members since mid-March was only doing a technical stop on the way to Europe, as all ports turned him down, reports Seatrade Cruise News. In this case, according to Italian media, on Board infected with a coronavirus.

The cruise was supposed to end on April 26 in Venice. Now the ship first landed 168 of the citizens of Spain in Barcelona and then travel to Genoa, where will be organized bus transfers to other passengers and crew. Unlike the MSC Magnifica, the liner was not allowed to go to Marseille port to disembark the French citizens.

Symptoms of coronavirus is not marked and on Board Pacific Princess, which plans to dock at the Los Angeles port of San Pedro to the end of the week. Most of his passengers landed in late March in Fremantle. For other ships of the same company, the situation was much more dire. The infamous Diamond Princess coronavirus has infected more than 700 people, 14 died. On the liner Ruby Princess COVID-19 was confirmed in more than 660 passengers died at least 21.

The family of one of the deceased filed a U.S. lawsuit for $ 1 million to the company Princess Cruises, accusing her that she was not warned about the outbreak of coronavirus passengers who boarded in March, thereby exposing the risk of infecting guests and crew. In addition, Australia has begun a criminal investigation into unauthorized disembarking Ruby Princess without complying with the quarantine.

Among those on Board another ship of the company, Coral Princess, from the coronavirus died at least three people. On the Grand Princess died, two passengers who have suffered complications caused by COVID-19, and one crew member.

The road to Europe continues, the German ship Artania, among passengers and crew, which was three deaths. It stood for three weeks quarantined in Fremantle and 18 April finally left the port. Some members of the crew and passengers went ashore and subsequently flew to Germany. On Board were more than 400 people.