On the eve of the elections for President and Parliament in Ukraine, the Kremlin wants to load the Donbass weapons and equipment, to then carry out attacks and destabilize the situation.

This “observer” said the journalist Larisa
Voloshin, reports “Диалог.UA”.

Earlier arestovich called the key events of 2019, decisive
the fate of Donbass, on which Russia relies.

She noted that Russia for several months
actively deliver to the occupied areas of Donbass “humanitarian supplies”
with weapons. The intensity of shelling of Ukrainian territories
increases. Voloshin said that all of these weapons will be stored to
time when Ukraine will start presidential elections. Indeed, in the case
destabilization in several regions, the militants will be able to actively attack and
to break through to the provocation.

According to the journalist, during the presidential and
parliamentary elections in the territories adjacent to the occupied Donbas
will be an active rally of Pro-Russian propaganda, which tries
transfer in the collision.

Voloshin was sure that the saboteurs, who are in
neighboring cities will do everything that this plan came to life.

It is obvious that Russia will intervene in the coming elections
President of Ukraine via various methods, as it was, for example,
elections of the President of the United States.

In the elections of the President of Ukraine – 2019 a few candidates
will seriously fight for the chair and will perform a technical function.