Live Russian TV opened up a new scandal over Ukraine, while the journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk provoked the Kremlin propagandist for the revelation about the Russian security services in Donbass.

A snippet of the video on his page in the social network
published well known journalist Denis Kazan.

After talking about full control
the occupied part of Donbass from the Russian side of the Russian leading priests flared up and confirmed that Russian special services are really working on
the occupied territory of Donbass, in ORDA.

Moreover, the social network has shaken the cynicism of the statement
Popov, who justified the involvement of Russian secret services in the war in the Donbass
desire unleashed by Moscow in 2014, the war did not spread to
the territory of Russia.

“(The security services of Russia involved in the war) to forbid
God did not spread to the territory of a peaceful and prosperous country under
the name of Russia”, – he said arrogantly.

Leading Federal TV channel Russia-1 has already openly admitted that Russian special services work in the occupied territory, in ORDA.

The farther, the more recognize their part in the war. Very soon cease to hide and the myth of the “civil war” will finally collapse

— Denis Kazansky (@den_kazansky) 14 Nov 2018

We will remind, fluent Markov “intimidate” Ukraine religious war broadcast propaganda television.

Also on “Russia 1” declared its readiness to inflict a powerful retaliatory strike at the enemies of the US and Britain.