“The Joker” unveiled audio which komarnicki requires the Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration to lobby for construction projects, and threatened with criminal cases

KIEV. May 7. UNN. The former head of the faction “Leonid Chernovetsky’s Block” in Kyiv city Council Denis komarnicki demanded from the Deputy head of Kyiv city state administration Vyacheslav Nepop to lobby for construction projects, threatening with criminal cases. Record of telephone conversation Komarnicki with Nefopam published telegram canal “the Joker”, reports UNN.

“Denis komarnicki is looking from Tishchenko — the leader of the velour headquarters. Behaves as a master of life. Harshly told the Deputy mayor that he will control from the Office of the President. And what will happen to anyone for insubordination. In one of the episodes we are talking about Kiev Gasquet, who komarnicki controls with driver — in the interests of the mills. Begin to understand that all the major financial flows in the country and in particular in Kiev closed on two people around President mills and Sefira. Velour and staff staff are fine performers, including Tishchenko,” writes “the Joker” in comments to the record.

In particular, it komarnicki in the form of obscene threatening Napopo criminal cases and even physical violence.

“Will it make you shut down. For what you b…rd dog n…th. My objects have to offer. And your whole list of criminal cases n…th b…b will bear on you and your dogs. Time…n…y like a dog. You understand that, or not? You’re just going by the box office, b…b, and be in criminal cases,” says komarnicki.

From his monologue implies that he has such a strong influence on law enforcement officers, including state Bureau of investigation, which may even open criminal cases against their enemies.

“I’ll give Schaub GBR bitch punched and gutted n…th you. If suddenly b…QB will be (inaudible) — that’s just closed… Glory, the ruble will put to you with your f…brother, b…QB, put n th…under house arrest” — threatens Denis komarnicki.

In addition, he States that twice he left the post Napapa, and hence has a large effect on the destination in the KSCA

“I’ll blow your buddies out there-e…I like dogs. Do you hear or not, fame? I am telling you this openly, unlike you, you can go there and for me at PI…ish. You’re the person I was two times at work have left!” — outraged komarnicki.

In addition, he expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that Nepop not conducive to need him and are close to the mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko, former MP Arthur Ward deal.

“You contest, b…b, Arthur n…y lied. You have servers do not work, b…b. You sho, Slav, yesterday or something, b…b, or what?” — breaks down the emotions Denis komarnicki.