The Knesset

James Emery / Wikipedia

The Knesset (Parliament) of Israel the day before
dissolution approved a bill authorizing the export of medical
marijuana, reports “Interfax”.
Now, the newspaper The Times of Israel, the final word for the government, and
in the case of a positive decision of the Cabinet, the export of cannabis from Israel
may begin no earlier than six months. The Knesset decided to dissolve itself on December 26.

According to the newspaper, the bill, regulating the order of export
medical marijuana, support a number of key Ministers.
“Israel is well prepared to enter the global market
medical marijuana, which is five years, expected to grow
to 33 billion dollars”, – the newspaper quoted the Executive Director
iCAN Israeli company specializing in the production of cannabis
for medical purposes, Saul Kai.

According to experts, the volume of Israeli exports of medical marijuana
can quickly exceed $ 1 billion.

The use of marijuana as medicine was allowed in
Israel in 1993.
Exports of medical marijuana now legalized in the Netherlands and

In addition, this week the national legislative Assembly of Thailand
permitted the use, storage, production, import, export and
the sale of marijuana for medical purposes. Thailand was the first among the countries of South-East Asia
I decided to take this step.