The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine announced the beginning of work of service centers in the context of a weakening of the quarantine. About this on his page in Facebook said the Deputy interior Minister Anton Geraschenko, informs Диалог.UA.

The official said about the algorithm of work of the centre: citizens have the opportunity to join the queue with online forms, and the process simplified. Ukrainians can use the functionality, which will be posted on the official website of the service center of the Ministry of interior. If people are not able to use the email queue, it will have to call the regional center and make a request.

However, the record is extremely personal and cannot be transferred to another person: in case of discrepancy of data the application will be cancelled. To get on reception to the center, you must first register on the website to choose service, provide their real contact details and location of the service center, where you want to get this service.

Also, one should be very careful while choosing the services, because to make changes after registration impossible. After your application is completed, e-mail the applicant will be sent a coupon.

Also Gerashchenko said that citizens can join the queue for three days ahead, and when you select a particular service set a limit queues on the day.

As we reported earlier, in Ukraine launched a new online service- “Electronic workbook”: the Pension Fund of Ukraine urged citizens to register, promising a lot of advantages.

Earlier, Ukraine’s foreign Ministry began to draw to foreigners e-visa for entry in our country: ex-Minister Pavlo Klimkin announced, who are the foreigners have already received the first visa.